Max of Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are was one of my favorite books as a child. I decided to make a Max doll for a nephew for Christmas. Based on Morgan’s pattern, this little Max doll was modified in several areas.

Crocheted with a size E hook using Red Heart yarn, this adorable Max doll has a removable crown and a hood that does down. The hair is hooked on one strand at a time and trimmed to the desired height. I decided to make crocheted claws on the hands and feet. The ends of the hands and feet also have pads like a wolf. The scepter is sewn into Max’s hand. There are also whiskers attached to the hood. The tail is made from grey fun yarn.




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  1. Where can the pattern for this be found?

  2. Really like your Max doll. Is there a pattern? What about the wild thing. Do you have a pattern for him? My daughter is crazy for the Wild Things and would really love this.

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