Sock Monkey Ski Helmet Cover

Want to stand out on the ski slopes and have a little fun? Try crocheting a sock monkey ski helmet cover!

This is a simple and easy design to make, even if you’ve never made something without a pattern. For the best results it’s best to have the actual helmet on hand so you can make increases and decreases as necessary.  Below are some pseudo directions on how to make a sock monkey ski helmet cover of your very own!

Basic Instructions


Yarn: acrylic, wool, or any type desired.

Colors: Red, off white, black, brown and white variegated. You can hold one brown and one off white strand of yarn at the same time while doing the main portion of the monkey to get the variegated look.

Hook: size H or any preferred size. Smaller hooks will require more stitches but hold more snuggly.

Needle: large needle for sewing the various parts to the basic cover.

Abbreviations: dc = double crochet; hdc = half double crochet; sc = single crochet

To begin, if your helmet is more round you can start with a circle at the top. If it’s slightly more oval in shape, start with a short chain strand. The helmet cover I made was for the larger silver helmet. It is oval in shape so I started with a chain of about 8.

Off-white Color: Chain 8, dc in the 4th chain from the hook, then dc in the next 3 stitches, 5 dc on the end, 3 dc on the other side of the original chain spaces and an additional 4 dc on the other end.

**Join each round to keep the circles symmetrical. Chain 3 at the beginning of each dc round to act as the first dc.**

Altogether I made 4 dc rounds in off white. There is one dc for each stitch on the sides of the oval, and additional dc stitches added at the ends in a frequency to keep the oval flat.

Red Color: Sc for 2 rounds. Again, 1 sc for each of the side stitches and additional sc stitches on the ends to keep the piece flat.

Brown/Off-White Color: dc 6 rounds. The first 2 rounds you may want to add extra dc stitches at the ends to keep increasing the size. The last several rounds you should dc the same amount so it curves around the sides of the helmet. Check the size of the cover on the helmet periodically to make sure it is fitting correctly. Decreases (crocheting 2 stitches together) may be made to help conform as necessary.

Rounds 7-8, dc around until you get to the goggle area. If you want the helmet goggle holder to go over the helmet cover, you need to make an opening. To do so, simply stop at the goggle area and turn your work and dc in the opposite direction. Dc all the way back around to the goggle area leaving about 6 dc stitches unworked.

Rounds 9-10, dc around except under the front lip of the helmet. Sc decrease across the front of the helmet to cause it to curve around the body/lip of the helmet. This will naturally keep the cover attached

to the front of the helmet. Dc to the goggle area. Turn and work back around changing to sc decreases for the front lip of the helmet. At the end of the 10th round you should be back to the goggle opening. Chain 5 and join to the other side with a slip stitch. The goggle strap should help keep the helmet cover on in the back. Cut yarn and weave in end.

A few more dc rows may be added, but they do not go all the way around. Put the helmet cover on to see where to start the dc rows on the sides. Dc around the sides and back decreasing if you want more snugness.

*Note: The goggles will be strapped in this area. The helmet cover may make the goggles slip a little. You may not want the helmet cover to go all the way to the bottom of the sides/back of the helmet.

Sock monkey features:

Eyes/Black: (Make 2)

Round 1: Chain 2, 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook.

Round 2: 2 sc in each stitch around.

Round 3: *1 sc, 2 sc in next stitch* around. Join with a slip stitch. Cut yarn leaving a long tail to sew the eyes to the head.

Mouth/Red & Off-White:

Round 1: (Red) Chain16, sc in 2nd chain from hook. 3 sc, 1 hdc, 5 dc, 1 hdc, 4 sc, 3 sc in last chain space. Working on the other side of the chain, 4 sc, 1 hdc, 5 dc, 1 hdc, 4sc. Join with a slip stitch. Cut yarn; weave in end.

Round 2: (Off-white) Starting at the end of the mouth, dc in all the sc stitches, hdc in the hdc stitches, and sc in all the dc stitches of the previous round. Make sure there are 5 dc on each end.

Mr. and Mrs. Sock Monkey

Note: You can make the round 3 dimensional or flat. A flat mouth will make it easier to put the goggles up on the front of the helmet. A 3 dimensional mouth makes it look a little more like sock monkey. A 3 dimensional mouth is shown in the picture above.

Round 3: For a 3 dimensional mouth, dc around not increasing or decreasing around. Join. Leave a long tail for sewing on to the head. Add 2 little black lines with black yarn to indicate the nostrils. Stuff lightly before sewing. (For a flat mouth, sc around adding a few stitches on the ends to keep it flat. Do no stuff. Add two black nostril marks and sew to head.)

Ears/Brown/Off-white Color:

Row 1: Chain 6. Dc in 4 chain from hook. 2 dc in same stitch. 1 dc, 3 dc in last stitch.

Row 2 and on: Dc in each stitch with extra dc on each end. The ear will curve if you do the same number of stitches or decrease at the top parts. Continue until the ear is the size you want. Sew to sides of the head above wear your ears would go.

Pom Pom: The pom pom can be made as full and long as desired. There are pom pom makers for sale, but one can be made quickly on one’s hand. Simply wrap the yarn around the palm of your hand. To make longer strands spread your fingers apart and wrap around those. (The more times you wrap the yarn around your hand the fuller the pom pom will be.) Tie a piece of yarn around the middle of the bundle of yarn. Cut the loops on the top and bottom and you have a pom pom. You may want to trim the ends if they are very uneven.
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