Rocket Ship

In keeping with the space/alien theme for my friends who are foster parents, I decided to make a rocket ship. I followed Rikkas pattern . The blog is in German, but there is an English version of the pattern available there. This ended up being a quick and easy pattern that was also a lot of fun. The white yarn I used is thinner than the other colors so I used a larger hook for that (J/10/6mm) otherwise I used a size H (8/5mm) hook for everything. The brain slug I made up as I went.

Brain Slug

A friend recently went through the process to become a foster parent and said she is low on toys for the various aged children that come to the house. She requested some hand crocheted toys. Here is the first toy I made for her. After I finished it, I thought perhaps a brain slug is not the best idea! They are alien parasites that take control of the people to whom they attach! What are the chances that the children will know that? Half my family never heard of a brain slug before! It will make a fun plush toy anyway. The eye and antennas were crocheted separately and sewn on. I didn’t follow a pattern. It was made with a size H hook and Red Heart yarn.

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