How to Make a Pom Pom


Pom poms are a great addition to many projects. Pom pom makers are available for purchase, but pom poms can be make quickly and easily without one.  Small and medium pom poms can be made on one’s hand.

Step 1: Wrap yarn around fingers.

For a smaller pom pom, wrap the yarn around three fingers 25-30 times. For a medium sized pom pom, wrap the yarn around four fingers. The more times you wrap it around, the fuller the pom pom will be.

Step 2: Lay piece of 6 inch yarn horizontally.

Cut a piece of the same color yarn 6 inches long. Lay it horizontally. To make the pom pom on the hat, weave the 6 inch piece into the hat first.

Step 3: Tie yarn around yarn from around the fingers.

Take the yarn of your hand and place it on the 6 inch yarn as pictured. Tie the 6 inch piece of yarn tightly around the ball of yarn. For added security tie around the ball again.

Step 4: Cut threads for pom pom.

Cut the top and bottom of the ball to make the pom pom. Trim the pom pom as needed.


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