Brain Slug

A friend recently went through the process to become a foster parent and said she is low on toys for the various aged children that come to the house. She requested some hand crocheted toys. Here is the first toy I made for her. After I finished it, I thought perhaps a brain slug is not the best idea! They are alien parasites that take control of the people to whom they attach! What are the chances that the children will know that? Half my family never heard of a brain slug before! It will make a fun plush toy anyway. The eye and antennas were crocheted separately and sewn on. I didn’t follow a pattern. It was made with a size H hook and Red Heart yarn.

My Little (Colorful) Pony

I fell in love with Paola Navarro’s pony the first time I saw it on Ravelry. Being more traditionally bent, I made my first pony brown, though I added a “star” to the forehead for fun. It was my mother who suggested something more colorful for the second. It was then that I remembered that kids love color and the more colorful ones would look like My Little Pony. Thus the variety you will see.

The pony is made in parts and sewn together. The parts are done in the round. The star either needs to be done in rows so the white yarn can be picked up each time, or a new strand of white has to be added each time you come around.

The turquoise was my mother’s idea. It became one of my favorite colors. The girl to whom this would go asked for a unicorn, so I added the horn on top.

I wouldn’t have put green with this turquoise color, but that is how the variegated yarn was made.

The pink pony was a given. Actually two of my nieces love pink, so I wasn’t sure what to do at first! I solved the dilemma by going to the store and getting purple yarn for the next pony!

I was a little concerned about the last pony. A niece requested a pony with wings. I decided to try using the wings from Paola’s dragon. Fortunately, they seemed to do the trick.

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